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"Option Play Strategy"
The Ultimate Options Trading Course

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Discover the Profitable Options Trading Strategy & Master stock options, call & put trades using super numbers for maximized profitability. Achieve consistent profits and join the ranks of successful traders with a remarkable 90% accuracy rate.


  • Experience the simplicity and profitability of trading index and stock options.

  • This strategy is designed for both intraday options buying and short selling, eliminating the need to rely on indicators or news.

  • With easy-to-understand principles, you can confidently close your trades daily with a profit.

  • Begin your journey by learning and receiving reports for a minimum of one week, and then proceed with live trading.

  • Rest assured, live trading support will be provided to guide you every step of the way.

What You Learn!


Option Basics

Learn the fundamentals of options trading, from terminology to basic concepts. Build a strong foundation for successful trading.


Selection of Strike Price

Discover effective strategies for selecting the optimal strike price. Enhance your trading precision and profitability.


Strategy Rules, Detailing

Dive deep into the intricacies of various trading strategies. Master the rules and details to implement strategies effectively.


Identify the Trend

Master the skill of recognizing market trends to make informed trading decisions. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize profits.


Risk Management

Learn crucial risk management techniques to protect your capital & minimize potential losses. Trade with confidence & peace of mind.


When to Enter & Exit

Learn precise timing for entry and exit points in trades. Maximize profitability by executing trades at the right moments.


Buy, Sell Call & Put Options

Understand the mechanics of buying and selling call and put options. Unlock the potential of these versatile trading instruments.


Trading Psychology

Uncover the psychological aspects of trading & develop a disciplined mindset. Gain a psychological edge for consistent success.


How to take Low Risk Entry

Discover techniques for entering trades with minimal risk exposure. Safeguard your capital while seizing profitable opportunities.


1. Course Introduction & Selection of Strike Prices

T​he journey begins with a comprehensive introduction to the Options Play Strategy. Delve into the intricate art of selecting the right strike price, a pivotal decision that can make or break a trade. Through expert guidance, you'll grasp the nuances of strike price selection, a crucial step towards maximizing profitability.

2. Activation & Rejection

​Unravel the mysteries of "Rejection" and "Activation" in Part 2. Understand the dynamics of these terms and how they influence trading outcomes. By gaining clarity on rejections and activations, you'll empower your trading decisions with enhanced precision and strategic foresight.

3. Entry & Exit || Secret of Jackpot Entry

In this segment, the focus shifts to "Buy" and "Sell" activations. You'll delve into the realm of probability, decoding market movements to make informed trading choices. Discover the art of identifying the elusive "Jackpot Entry," a skill that can significantly amplify your trading success.

4. Market Scenario 1 (Pattern 1)

Explore Scenario or Pattern 1, which provides insights into navigating a flat market. Learn the art of taking entry, and once again, master the crucial technique of identifying the "Jackpot Entry." Moreover, delve into crafting effective stop-loss strategies to protect your capital in various market scenarios.

5. Market Scenario 2 (Pattern 2)

​Switching gears, Part 5 equips you with the skills to tackle gap-up or gap-down markets. Understand the nuances of taking entry in such scenarios while refining your ability to identify "Jackpot Entries." Dive into advanced techniques that help you minimize stop loss, adding an extra layer of risk management.

6. Market Scenario 3 (Pattern 3)

Morning Slow Movement Markets are the focus of Part 6. Gain insights into early entries and their correlation with activations. Master the skill of identifying jackpot entries even before activation. Furthermore, discover techniques to minimize stop loss, enhancing your risk management prowess.

7. Market Scenario 4 (Pattern 4)

Embark on the "U Turn Strategy" journey in Part 7. Learn the art of entry in this context, while also mastering the intricacies of setting low stop loss levels. Gain the expertise to execute trades after 10.15 AM, utilizing a well-thought-out approach.

8. Scenario's Overview (Pattern 1-4)

​Part 8 serves as a comprehensive overview of Patterns 1 to 4. Explore how to identify trending markets versus range-bound ones, a skill essential for optimal decision-making. Dive into the realm of fund and risk management, equipping yourself with the tools to navigate the market with prudence.

9. How to Trade with Option Play Strategy (Live)

​As the culmination of your learning journey, Part 9 introduces you to the dynamic realm of live trading. Put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test, embracing the thrill of real-time market interaction. This hands-on experience bridges the gap between theory and practice, allowing you to witness this strategies in action.

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"In this video, we address frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our course, providing clarity on key aspects to help you make informed decisions."

Top 10 Reasons to Choose OPTION PLAY STRATEGY

Proven Winning Strategy
Proper Risk Management
Low Risk
Proper Entry & Exit
Free 1 Month of Live Market Support
95% Accuracy
Small Stop Loss
No Indicators, News, Signals
Perfect Strike Prices Selection
The BEST Passive Income Source

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